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💙 Sometimes it’s not just a beanie. It’s an investment.

🙏🏼 It’s the year 2032 and Jason Horne-Francis is leading the AFL’s version of the Harlem Globetrotters, North Melbourne, to their record breaking fifth premiership in a row against their new arch rivals, the Tassie Toads.

⏰ There’s ten seconds left in the grand final at a packed MCG, and you see the now famous #6 fly over a pack and take another mark of the year contender. He’s 35m out from the sticks.

👨🏼He walks with his back to the goal, he’s never been more confident - and it’s because of you, random spectator/North fan.

👔 You see, you’re wearing your favourite bbeanie. Your TCD ‘The Hornet’ beanie. You’ve had it on your skill for the last four premierships, and it’s about to be a fifth. The Hornet knows and backs your beanie tradition. He sees you in the crowd and winks, with a quick thumbs up.

👀 He starts his run up, he closes his eyes and kicks it on his opposite boot… the Sherrin sails through the goals. They’ve done it. YOU’VE done it. History has been made. 🏆

🦘 Don’t Roo the day you passed up on this one… Get it while you can.

💙🤍Kanga Kanga Kanga.
Roo Roo Roo.🤍💙