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TIME: 2pm
LOCATION: Your backyard.
SCENARIO: Day Three of the sesh.

The 31-degree sun is spewing rays on your skin, Daveo’s fallen asleep and Jimbo’s on the Bluetooth speaker playing Blame Game by Kanye for the ninth time. It’s at the stage where you’re not sure if you can keep going on the Shaun BeerGoyne’s for much longer.

You dig deep in the esky and you fish out an ice-cold tinnie. The last one went down like battery acid and you expect this one will go down like rusty nail juice.

The can sits on the table in front of you and the ice trickling down on it resembles a frown. It’s a frown from the beer drinking gods that you’ve failed them. It also resembles the fact that the longer this CanThony Rocca sits in front of you – the warmer it will get, thus harder to drink.

That’s where you’re wrong, bucko. Let TCD help you.

Every stitch and every tiny piece of fabric in this design has been carefully put together by the best of the best in their field to ensure your taste buds are never offended by a warm Justin WestFroff. In fact – we’re pretty sure beer companies will soon start paying you to use these bad boys THAT’S how well they work. Don’t believe us? Buy one and see for yourself…