TIME: Friday night, 7PM.
LOCATION: Your car.
SCENARIO: Tinder Date.
CHINOS: Rolled up.


Your ex has moved on, you’re in your mid-20’s and there’s nothing exciting on the horizon. It’s time to move the f on.

You’re driving along the highway with the new Dune Rats album rattling through the speaker of your Daewoo Lanos. You’re 15 minutes late picking up your date to take her to go see Bad Boys 4. A movie you suggested. She’s not going to be impressed with the Maccas bags, empty stubbies and take-away coffee cups in your car. You’re sweating a bit at this stage… There’s not a person alive that could think the state your car is acceptable, let alone this absolute 10/10 who you’ve lucked out getting a first date with.

Then you remember, you purchased a TCD Air Freshener this week! Still in the packaging, tucked away in the console… You reach through the Mars Bars wrappers, unwrap it and put it to use. It’s jangling around the mirror as the enchanting scent emanates itself through your car and attaches itself to the inside of your ride. “This might not end up so bad,” you think. 

When you arrive at her house you see the smile run away from her face. She’s looking like she’s just seen…. Well, she’s looking like she’s just seen your car.

You open the door for her, tilt your head and say “Howyagarn?,” and internally you die a bit inside. She does that awkward smile thing people do… And then she sits in the passenger’s seat.

“Ah. This isn’t actually not that bad! It smells really nice in here – is that your aftershave?”

A smirk grows upon your face and you motion towards the TCD Air Freshener. She laughs. “That’s so funny! Let’s just skip the movie… Do you want to come inside?”

You fall in love. You get married. You have kids. Imagine if you didn’t have a TCD Air Freshener?